Many times, clients record their own podcast episodes and just need their raw recordings edited and setup on their podcast host such as Libsyn and Simplecast. I can easily accommodate this need and offer a fixed price of $75 for a standard 30 minute episode.

The fixed $75 price includes pulling a teaser from the content to play at the beginning of your episode to attract a listener’s attention. It also includes mixing in your existing intro, outro, and ads. And it includes setting up the episode on your podcast host such as Libsyn or Simplecast using your supplied title, description, and image.

NOTE: If your podcast episode duration is longer than 30 minutes, no problem. Pricing is simply tiered at $25 per additional 15 min. For example:

  • $100 for any episode 31-45 minutes in duration
  • $125 for any episode 46-60 minutes in duration
  • $150 for any episode 61-75 minutes in duration
  • $175 for any episode 76-90 minutes in duration


* The $75 base price per 30 min episode is based on the following:

  • A regular weekly podcast show.┬áThe base price may be more for twice-monthly or irregular podcast episodes
  • A reasonable amount of editing per episode. A history of excessive edits may require a re-negotitation of price per-episode.
  • Excessive background noise and reverb may require increased time to remove and thus an increase in the episode price.

Please contact me to discuss your podcast show. All pricing is transparent and agreed to by both parties before any work is performed.


If you need support beyond just podcast editing, I provide the following services at a rate of $50/hr:




If you’ve picked out your podcast theme music but have not yet synced it to your podcast show, I can do this for you. I choose the best part(s) of the music that flow well and sync it with your podcast show intro (the part that is played at the beginning of every episode) and for the show outro (the ending part that is played at the end of every episode). All music is carefully analyzed and various frequencies masked to ensure your intro and outro stand out and aren’t muffled by your theme music.

I also setup a section of music that is reserved for any teaser clips that will be played at the beginning. This music will then flow seamlessly into the intro or whatever section is next in your podcast show structure. The music then fades out for the actual episode content.

Lastly, I ensure all music and intro/outro dialogue levels are within optimal range, and that the music fades in or out appropriately.

NOTE: If you would rather not have to deal with finding the right music for your podcast, I can take care of this for you for an additional $150. I will find a few music options for you that would match your podcast “flavor” and target audience. We would then review those together, and I will then create your Intro and Outro using the music and your recorded Intro and Outro.




Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule me to work on your project.