Invest Florida Podcast

Show Summary:
Actionable real estate investing ideas each and every week. This is a podcast for every real estate investor looking for cash flow opportunities – the difference is, we offer a Florida twist.

Podcast Show Name: Invest Florida Show
Podcast Show URL: investfloridashow.com
Podcast Format:
Interview style | 2 Co-hosts with a featured guest for each episode
Average Podcast Duration: 30-50 minutes
Podcast Media Type: Audio
Podcast Destinations: iTunesStitcher, TuneIn, YouTube, and via a custom Apple and Android app

Here are the services I provide for the Invest Florida Show podcast:

  • Edit the audio
    • Standard cuts, voice/guest leveling, noise reduction, compression and EQ
    • Export edited audio to MP3 with standard podcast Loudness Unit relative to Full Scale (LUFS) settings
  • Add ID3 metadata / episode image to MP3
  • Upload the edited MP3 to Libsyn
    • Add 2 sets of metadata – 1 set for iTunes and the 2nd set for the other podcast directories
    • Schedule the publish date/time
  • Create new blog post in WordPress
    • Create title, show notes, and guest bio based on content from current episode
    • Ensure SEO is optimized for each episode (using Yoast)
    • Schedule the publish date/time