The Body Nerd Show

Show Summary:
If you’re ready to break up with all the things you’re doing that only give you temporary relief and learn how to get on the fast track to feeling amazing every single day (without it being overly complicated or unsustainable) – The Body Nerd Show is for you. Whether it’s low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, arthritis, neck pain, TMJ, rotator cuff issues or shoulder pain – you don’t have to accept aches and pains as a part of getting older.

Podcast Show Name: The Body Nerd Show
Podcast Show URL: https://www.aewellness.com/body-nerd-show
Podcast Format:
Solo / Interview style | Single host with a featured guest on some episodes
Average Podcast Duration: 30 minutes
Podcast Media Type: Audio
Podcast Destinations: iTunesStitcher, RSS, Google Play, Spotify

Here are the services I provide for the Body Nerd Show podcast:

  • Edit the audio
    • Standard cuts, voice/guest leveling, noise reduction, compression and EQ
    • Export edited audio to MP3 with standard podcast LUFS settings
  • Create an Audiogram using Headliner.com
    • Create episode title image using Canva
    • Export 30-59 second segment from edited audio
    • Upload the Canva image and 30-59 second audio segment to Headliner.com
    • Export as an audiogram in MP4 format for use on Instagram
  • Upload the edited MP3 to Libsyn
    • Add 2 sets of metadata using supplied client content – 1 set for iTunes and the 2nd set for the other podcast directories
    • Upload episode image
    • Schedule the publish date/time
  • Create new blog post in WordPress
    • Create title and blog post using content supplied by client
    • Embed the Libsyn player for the episode
    • Ensure SEO is optimized for each episode (using Yoast)
    • Schedule the publish date/time
  • Create Email Campaign for each new episode
    • create new email campaign using content supplied by client
    • link email campaign to new blog post
    • Test the email campaign
    • Schedule the publish date/time