Health & Wellness Podcast

NOTE: This is a sample podcast created with the intent to give you an idea of my podcast editing and production abilities. I wrote the script for both the host and the guest as well as recorded myself and the guest (via Skype) to simulate a real-world example of recording a guest remotely for a podcast. 

If you would like to compare the unedited raw recording to this edited version, you can do so by going to EDITING SERVICES -> AUDIO EDITING on the menu, and click the PODCAST EXAMPLES tab.

Type of Podcast: Interview style / Informational
Host Recording: via Shure SM7B microphone recorded into Adobe Audition CC
Guest Recording: via built in mic on laptop using Skype over internet and recorded into my computer system (note that audio quality can vary when recording audio from Skype)
Podcast Series:
 Health & Wellness
Episode Title: New American Government Dietary Guidelines
Duration: 4 min 26 sec
File Type: MP3
Encoding Specs: Mono, 128 kbps @ 44.1 kHz
Music Track: Intro / Outro