IT Trend Watch Podcast 

NOTE: This is a sample podcast created with the intent to give you an idea of my podcast editing and production abilities.

I wrote the script, recorded my own voice, and edited and mixed the audio and music.

If you would like to compare the unedited raw recording to this edited version, you can do so by going to EDITING SERVICES -> AUDIO EDITING on the menu, and click the PODCAST EXAMPLES tab.

Type of Podcast: Solo style / Informational
Host Recording: via Shure SM7B microphone recorded into Adobe Audition CC
Podcast Series:
 IT Trend Watch
Episode Title: Security in Virtualized Data Centers
Duration: 3 min 27 sec
File Type: MP3
Encoding Specs: Mono, 128 kbps @ 44.1 kHz
Music Track: Intro / Outro