Real Estate Property Video

Type of Project: Video Editing

Overview: The client needed existing raw video footage edited into a polished real estate property video for his business. Footage included drone shots as well as interior footage. 

Production Notes:

  • The client (LoudAndClearPhoto.com) recorded and supplied all source video footage
  • All source video footage was received at a resolution of 4k (UHD) and a bit rate of 100 mbps
  • The client also supplied the music track

Video editing methods used:

  • Minor use of speed ramping (in order to squeeze in the golf course scene)
  • Minimal use of jump cut sequences to provide continuity from outside drone shot to interior of house and hall entrance
  • Use of LUTS to provide proper color and exposure (all interior footage was shot with a Sony a7R III camera and compressed using SLOG2)
  • Video cuts synced with the beat of the music
  • All editing was done using Adobe Premiere Pro CC