Working with Tim has been a pure joy. I feel confident that the tasks Tim does for me will be done with timeliness and excellence.

Tim has helped me refresh my branding, made sure my website is updated, and helped me edit and publish blogs.

If you want to focus on your business and not the details, Tim is your man.

Charles Hooper Jr.

Executive Coach, Hooper Leadership Coaching

I was looking for a virtual assistant to help with blogs and newsletters when I was introduced to Tim. What a catch! I hired him on a temporary basis to see if he would work out. Work Out! Are you kidding? Tim was all I could have wanted in a VA.

Recently I had a health problem and Tim took over for me using my “voice”. I soon recovered without a hitch. He’s terrific! Try him out for a test drive. You’ll not go back to your old model.

Carolyn Dunn

Life Coach, Carolyn Dunn Coaching

I needed a web tech person to help me with some minor issues regarding my blog. Tim had worked for my mom so he came highly recommended! We talked on a Thursday and he got right to work diagnosing the problem and making the changes necessary. He was clear about his business fees and policies and communicated exactly what he was doing, why and how long he estimated it would take. He also made every effort to do what needed to be done for minimum cost.

From the beginning, I felt comfortable with Tim having the personal information he needed to do the work and sure that he would keep everything confidential and safe.

It’s been a great experience working with Tim, and I’m thrilled to have a professional [web] techie in my contacts.

Debbie Williamson

Blogger, Teacher and Speaker,

Recently, I contacted Tim to build a website for my photography business.  I was supremely impressed with his knowledgeable expertise.

Tim was excellent at communicating with me throughout the process and he implemented my ideas perfectly. He was very patient as I continued to refine how I wanted the site to look.

I can confidently and highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone to help them with their website!

Heidi Sears


Tim created my eCommerce website for my appliance dolly business. He is one the best service providers in his field that I know of in my 30 years of dealing with venders, computer IT and software developers. Not only is he very skilled, but he also produces timely and detailed reports which are extremely helpful in keeping the project focused and on schedule.

I would recommend Tim to anyone who wants a very professional and thorough web designer and tech person. I cannot say enough about his skill and attention to detail and his concern for your satisfaction with the final product.

If you need more info feel free to contact me to ask specific questions.

Roger Prince


Tim at Aspire Digital Productions is fabulous! He was so easy to work with. I am barely literate in modern technology, and he patiently walked me through each step. He also created training videos enabling us as a board to add and edit content.

Tim communicated very effectively, always in a timely manner; even being extremely flexible with the fact that decisions had to be passed through committee, which sometimes affected the timelines originally agreed to.

Tim completely redesigned our Springville Chamber of Commerce website. The new look and feel are so much more professional and user-friendly than what we had before. He created a beautiful visual effect, designed a new layout and visual treatment for our featured business members to help them stand out, and added links to make navigating a breeze.

One of the best changes was the new community events calendar that he added. It will help us to communicate so much more effectively with our members.

Tim has been great to work with. And he continues to follow up with us at each step of the way, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

Marti Ellis

President, Springville Chamber of Commerce,

Tim redesigned our wine & cottage business website from the bottom up. It went from being a very disfunctional platform to being easily navigable and an asset to our business that we are extremely proud to tell people about.

Tim’s expertise, artistic talent, and innovative ideas are very valuable. Not only does Tim have a great instinct for how a page should be set up, he is skilled in recommending additions that we would not have thought of.

Tim also is more than willing to help us anytime we get stuck with putting something up on our website. He is a very patient teacher and we are so thankfulthat we used his services.

I would highly recommend Tim services for anyone who is interested in improving or even starting up their website!

Lynn Wilshire


I needed someone to help organize my computer data and give me advice on backing up all my information. I had an old computer tower with lots of keepsake photos, a laptop computer, an Apple iPad, and an Android smart phone. To complicate the situation further, I had several CD’s of photos from 10 years or even older. I had my Super 8 movies and several VHS tapes that had been duplicated onto DVD’s. I have been so frustrated by having all this data in so many places and of course, I do not want to lose. I needed everything to be organized and in one place. Tim suggested I buy a Network Attached Server commonly called (NAS).

Here is what Tim did for me. He backed up and organized all my data from all my devices to the NAS. He also backed up my wife’s computer, her Apple iPad and her Apple iPhone. He organized her stuff as well. We now have all our data that is separate on the NAS. He has many good ideas like setting up folders for your children’s photos, your grandchildren’s photos, your individual photos and the like.

It was super to have someone with a lot of experience and who cares that is done properly. I am glad the corporate world gave him all the experience needed to help streamline my personal needs.

I highly recommend Tim to help you organize and collate all your computer photos and data.

Wade Walter

Cruise Planner, Sunnyvale, CA

Tim came out and rescued my computer from hard drive failure.  He came to my office and picked up my computer on Friday and brought it back first thing Monday AM giving me a better solution than expected. He was on time and did the job right.

I can’t say enough good things about the service Tim provided and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs computer help.

Forrest Bailey

Owner, Appraisal Center, Santa Rosa, CA

My computer was hacked.  Tim came to my rescue and recovered everything. Then I decided to switch from a P.C. to an Apple product.  Again, Tim very patiently not only switched everything, but actually taught me how to use my new device.

I highly recommend Tim to take care of your computer problems. He is extremely concerned about his customer’s needs…from the smallest details to serious dilemmas. He is a terrific trouble shooter and knows just about everything regarding computers. He is brilliant!  Very computer savvy, honest, and reasonably priced.

Rose Sofranko

Santa Rosa, CA